28 March 2011

Ode To “D”

O, Vitamin D

O, D of vites

You give me strength

You give me might!


Bring forth cheer when skies are grey

In that little oily way

How can it be that you can do

So much for me and my dull mood


Here in my most NW’rn of climes,

When Spring comes slow and takes it’s time

To greet those winter weary kind

Like myself. Beam now, Sunshine!


Until the glimmer breaks through the cloud

You, my friend, will be my vow

Of good health I do pronounce!


O, Vitamin D!

1 comment:

A. Joy said...

I like your D poem! I myself have started taking vitamin D and the occasional laying under a sun lamp. Then I wondered ... CT spends a lot of money on special UVB bulbs for his lizards as they must have them to stay healthy and absorb their calcium. Maybe I should join the lizards for a daily nap under their bulbs? I haven't tried it yet.