20 October 2011

Twinkies, Meet Daughters

Not a worthy introduction, I’m quite sure, but regardless, it was made (and it was fun).

With a twelve year shelf life, we could say it adds years to your life, right? Who can resist, the plasticized, cream filling, inside the soft foam rubber mold…er…cake?

America keeps Hostess in business and this week, I was a culprit.

fall2010, new calf 2011 005_thumb[2]

Possibly the exact opposite of Certified Organic, I wonder when Hostess will take a page from today’s marketing strategy playbook and make a Twinkie with organic ingredients and silly moms across the fruited plains will jump onto the bandwagon of all-things-organic-equals-nutrition. Hostess could do the same with fruit pies, Ding Dongs and other various confections! Just think of it!

I’m certainly thankful to live in a country where free men everywhere can eat Twinkies, Ho-ho’s or maybe, raspberry filled powered sugar doughnuts, in peace, if they so choose (until years later, when man, with good sense, takes a bite and says to wife, “what have you done to me? I used to like these!”)!


Daisy said...

I've never been a fan of Twinkies for some reason. Ding dongs, Ho-hos, and raspberry filled doughnuts on the other hand--bring them on! Ha! :-)

A. Joy said...

I LOVE twinkies! Correction - I LOVED twinkies. I still talk about them. Every time we pass them in the grocery store my kids say " Poor Mommy, there's those things she can't eat anymore - what are they called again." ( They picked up on my sadness every time I pause in front of the twinky shelf, grab one, check the ingredients and then sigh... yep, they still contain milk. ) One day I"ll figure out their secret recipe and learn to make some myself - without milk, but for now - would you please eat some for me?? =) Oh and doughnuts too! What I wouldn't do for a good doughnut!!!