22 September 2009

Hello Old Friend

A longtime friend called the other day. We hadn’t talked for years. Her sweet voice was like a soothing, enlivening, balm to fatigued muscles. This week I’ve cried tears of joy upon hearing from her again and the more-than-exciting news she brings of her family. It is a precious thing to renew an acquaintance but when it’s God’s hand that re-establishes contact, how can human words describe the elation, or the song my heart sings, not for my own pleasure of her company but of God’s dear heart toward me and the weaving, interlacing He creates in His Body.

* * * * *

Now, the personification of a life yielded, she worships her Creator as her sole (soul, perhaps?)source of joy, salvation and healing. She has ministered to my heart and will share in my walk with Christ in a new and profound way.

Thanks for loving me, old friend, and showing me, that the mercies of Christ bring complete healing for those who ask and cede into His hand. Your jingle over the line was testimony of love and obedience.

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