22 September 2009

To The Fair!

The girls (mama is one of those girls, remember) will be in the Puyallup valley this week at state fair. The Fair marks our official rollover of seasons...When we return, Fall will commence.
Here we work the exhibit of heritage breed turkeys for one of our family’s farms. Five days of the public multitudes, little sleep and eating Fischer scones; shoveling manure, re-acquainting with familiar faces and deep fried indigestion. Did I mention the Washington Junior Poultry Expo-tition (as Pooh would say)? The daughters will be entwining turkey husbandry with that of the responsibilities of the state poultry barn and showing their own hens and ducks. Fhew (wipe brow) I’m tired already!

It’s no doubt a love-hate relationship; late September is an awfully busy time around here to disappear for five days but corn dogs and throngs of people are too, too hard to resist.

Here we go into the mission field ready to do God’s work for His Kingdom; Holy Ghost, teach us and make us able.
The girls get ready for fit and show by washing thier cochin hens.

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