18 January 2010

An Early Spring Tease

What a day! The sun was beaming up to 55 degrees, slight breeze blowing, sparrows warbling.
Our “I-thought-it-was-spring-so-I-shaved-the-goats” weather has come a good month early!

Here in the great Pacific Northwest, somewhere around late February, we see a break in the forecast and experience spring-like conditions. We tear the cover off the pool, bring out the tee shirts, and make iced tea. Heck, the thermometer might hit 66, let’s have a barbeque!

And all for naught, of course, for we have weeks yet of hard, ever-changing, eventful weather.
But not usually in January.

The girls walked the garden, assessed it’s condition, talked of planting peas and mowing the grass.
Wait, no.
It’s too soon.

Peas in the ground now, could rot; mowing could damage the fine blades of fescue. We shall leave it at appraisal and garden planning for now. Rake up from the windstorm and turn the compost. Gather muck from the paddock and work it into the raised beds.

I will facilitate the postponement with the Western Garden Book and seed catalogs with tea and Christmas chocolate. And ask Lanny about the goats; I have none.

Waiting, resting, enjoying really, in the Winter Sojourn.


Mildred said...

Your weather sounds very much like Georgia's the last few days. Highs in the low 60's, bright blue skies and warm sunshine. I have seen a few little sprouts coming through the leaves also. From Christmas to Spring, I try to rush the season. I love getting out in the yard. Yes, Lanny would be the one to ask about the animals and I bet she would like a cup of tea or chocolate!!! Enjoy looking ahead to warmer days.

Lanny said...

Dirt made me get rid of my objects of February torture -the goats- so instead I planted spinach the other day! It likes forty degree soil and I gave it a blankey (just like I use to do for the goats) so I'm sure I haven't just tortured some poor defenseless seeds! We'll see!