22 January 2010

Some Winter Warmth

Our family vacationed last summer in Honolulu and resided in the ol' folk's condo (not to be confused with the 'old folk’s home'). Feel to warmth of the June sun? We still can.

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

Hilltop House, Home of Puna and Coco

Lanikai Beach and it's beautiful fine, white sand

Around the island of Oahu

Dole Plantaion

Enjoying the folks all around their world.

North Shore, Haleiwa, at sunset

What a time we had! A fortnight of loving, laughing, and discovering the Hawaiian folk’s island life. AnnePants adhered to condo living, Abi-dale thrilled at running along the darkened beach after an evening concert and Big Daddy and I took pleasure in being a generational family on vacation together.
Last fall I spent hours putting together a slideshow for the sidebar but Blogger didn't like it, wouldn't allow me to post it, something about corruption in the feed. Wasted time turned aggravation, turned tabled project, turned seven months later, turned "well, I should post some pics individually, at least". These photos are only a small fraction of the shots we took, but they do show the warmth of the sun, and that of the love family, despite an ocean, shares.


Anna Colleen said...

You took some wonderful pics, my favorite is Abby laughing on the beach, and Anne standing under the tree, but they're all great.

KathyB. said...

I have enjoyed Haleiwa as a little girl with my family, many times. Nice photos of Hawaii, I do remember good times there, especially at Haleiwa, but I am so happy we ended up here in Washington. You are so right, an ocean cannot really separate the love of family.

pascale said...

You have a great family, gorgeous girls. I can't wait to see your walhanging.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Such gorgeous photography! Just seeing it helps get my mind off the winter blahs.