17 March 2010

Aye, Begorrah. Be Readin' Wit ta Gaelic in Moind

Ta sun, she be shinin’ and ta birds a-singing their spring ditties on shooch a foin morn.

Aye, ‘tis a grand day, indeed!

On tis bleset day o’da year, we’re sure not to be spekin' ta crown’s anglish but spekin' wit ta mooter tung. All day, I be sayin’. Áine woke tis foin day not skippin’ a beat on tat one. Ta lass had her ‘th’’s dropped like a hot potatoe in a good harvest! Tis a bit o’fun we like ‘avin’.

Áine an Abigeál be craftin’ soom special tings for ta grandmooters an coosins an makin deliveries.

Not even St. Bridget herself can keep us from enjoying our lamb stew an colcannon, washed down wit a pint o’stout (mmm, Smit''icks)wen Da comes home fer soopper.

St. Martin o’Tours! I ploom fergoot me goodies bakin’ in ta ooven!

Ah, me! Enjoy tis blesset day we honor St. Padraig for bringin' ta good news of ta Christ to Eire!


Kimberly said...

You crack me up. I had to read really...really...slow to get the dialect down. Happy St.Pattys day to you and yours. And may you have a little luck o' the Irish today and many days to come.

Daisy said...

Hope you had a nice St. Patrick's Day! I also hope your goodies baking in the oven didn't burn! HA! This gave me a smile. Thank you for your visit to my blog. Hope you have a nice weekend! :D