12 March 2010

Oh My Throbbing Thumb

Post- Short. Using hunt-and-peck typing method. Note: not useful.

Dear Friend brought poultice components to relieve pain, break up congestion, and aid circulation.
Alternating every twenty minutes hot and cold packs, herbal goo to mineral salts, the pain is improving, but the swelling? Eh. So,so. Time heals all wounds?
Competent Anne is my extra hand today.

Here’s the procedure, each timed 20 minutes:
Paste made of ginger and castor, smeared on wool felt, fitted around offending thumb, secured with plastic wrap and heated with a steaming hot towel.
Thumb submerged in an icy bath of Epsom salts.
Paste of comfrey and castor, smeared on wool felt, wrapped as ginger preparation, again heated.
Another icy bath of mineral salts.

Mr. Long says it looks like I have a burrito stuck on the end of my thumb. Yup, it kinda does.
Thank you, Dear Friend, for bringing such a basket of healing! Along with N’Braskan taking me out for bathroom tissue, we’re doing okay!

How about the redheaded stepchild where all the trouble started? No, no, I mean the hardwood floor.

The radius is completed which means the miter saw and router can be put away, making more room around the workspace. Now it’s a matter of placing the boards and stapling them to the subflooring. This job can expect to move to finishing next week.

We’re pleased with how it’s turning out. Mike and Pop are certainly craftsmen. We look forward to having the existing hardwoods and those newly laid, homogenized as one floor, one room.

I'm hungry, who's up for burritos?


Anonymous said...

So very sorry your thumb is still so sore. What a thoughtful friend to provide you with the poultice. The floor is really nice and I'm glad Anne can be your helper until you can feel better. Hope you all have a nice weekend. We have had non-stop rain for two days and some thunder. Poor Harriet runs to her "daddy" when it thunders!

James (Digtoplant) said...

Sorry about your painful thumb but as they say. no pain no gain, and you have certainly gained a nice new floor.

Lanny said...

Nice floor! Be careful of those witch doctors! Glad it worked this time but you never know with those types what they are up to!