10 May 2010

Setting Duck

2010 05 07_0041

At 7 o'clock every morning Quackers calls to me for her food and after a thorough bath she waddles back to her nest that she has covered with feathers to keep hidden and warm. She is usually a forager but for now I feed her so she can stay close to her nest.

2010 05 07_0029

Quackers is setting on nine eggs. We ordered them from a farm somewhere in California. Some eggs will hatch Blue Swedish and others will hatch Black Swedish. It is important to have both varieties for breeding a strong blue color.

It takes 28 days to hatch a duckling. At this post, she will have four days, counting today, to hatch her eggs.

2010 05 07_0133

You can see here, Quackers fanning her tail. This means get away from her nest because she is protecting her babies or should I say eggs.


Anonymous said...

How very sweet Quackers is. Thanks for sharing her with us. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anne for your comments about the ham. It really is delicious and very pretty!

Anna Colleen said...

I am very excited for you and your ducky and I can't wait to see your duckling.