13 May 2010

The Ducklings are Here!!

2010 05 13_0192Quackers ducklings just hatched early this morning! It was twenty-eight days exactly! One left to hatch out of it's shell. They are sooo cute! Quackers is not so happy that we are so near her ducklings.

The greyish ducklings are the Blue Swedes and the black ones are Black Swedes, but I'd like to know where the yellow one came from! I'll have figure that out- maybe I'll know when it grows up or I could ask someone who knows about ducks or look in my duck book.

2010 05 13_0193

Can you see at the bottom of this picture is a wet little head still working its way from out of the shell? We count eight so far.


Lanny said...

Tooo cute, way too cute! It will be fun to watch the yellow, yellow beaked fellow, grow up and see who he is. The Duck Rancher is well on her way!

Anonymous said...

What amazing pictures! That's interesting about the yellow one! Thank you so much for sharing Quackers' babies.

Anna Colleen said...

Good job Quakers, those duckling are too cute.

Daisy said...

Oh my gosh! They're adorable! Wonderful pictures. They must be so much fun for you to watch.

KathyB. said...

I am catching up and thoroughly enjoying your blog! 'Suburban Hedgerow ' a PERFECT name for it Mrs. Mike. The ducklings are so cute, who can't love a fuzzy little duckling? Isn't this spring weather glorious? Perfect for following ducklings and all the gardening you have at your lovely and gracious home~