04 August 2010

If These are the Dog Days of Summer...

Who's the Dog?

For the several weeks, we girls have been splitting wood, tending to the garden, swimming with friends, harvesting berries, making jam, entertaining guests, preparing canning jars. Fhew!(deep breath) Cleaning the attic, cleaning the pool, cleaning the closets, cleaning the shed. Trellising tomatoes, saving seeds, propagating fuchsias, forgetting to fix dinner. Oops.

  2010 07 15_0601What a handsome couple

All the while the Boss-man keeps bringing home the bacon, building a bulldozer, acquiring wood for the girls to split, devouring berries, covering fellow employee vacations, expanding pasture and clearing fence lines. Paying bills, hearing from God, telling jokes, loving his family.

    2010 07 04_0528 2010 06 23_0498


This weekend our little band will be enjoying the company of good friends at the foot of Mount St. Helens along the Cispus River.

When we return we continue on the quest for a quiet winter solstice, happy cows, molting poultry, sleepy dogs, a blazing fire and warm apple pie.

Funny to think on this glorious, hot, sunny August day that's the reason we're so busy!



Lanny said...

Well I was thinkin' I was the dog, but then the actual dogs didn't even want to sit with me, guess I don't smell as good as they do. Not sure what that makes me.

You're a busy family. I like that!

Daisy said...

Wow,you folks are really busy! Life is full. That's a good thing, I think.

A. Joy said...

Isn't that it though? We wait and wait for summer so we can work and work for winter!

Mildred said...

Such hard work but what a blessing for the future. Wishing you fun with your friends.

KathyB. said...

The little band of us at the Cispus River had a wonderful time visiting, and remember why we work so hard to get there !