11 August 2010

No Zoologists Here

pool tarantula 003

“There’s a tarantula in our pool” factually ejaculates the Small One.

“Where?” prudently questions First Born, really hoping (despite what reason tells her) for an unlikely find as that.

“-or Something” concedes the former, under contorted brow.

I, however, knowing the truth of such phenomenon, dally not, endeavoring to skim all unwanted beetles, duck feathers, fir needles and-

pool tarantulas from our swimming enjoyment.


Mildred said...

This post gets me in the mood for Halloween!!!

Daisy said...

HA HA HA! To the rescue! I hate when tarantulas get in the pool. :D

A. Joy said...

I can hear her little smoky voice now saying just that! I don't like those - what I call " Urinal spiders" because they'd show up in every urinal I ever had to clean for the public schools and NW Trek. They like the water. I like them dead.