05 January 2011

The Orient By Way of Central America

Picture This:

Two girls brainstorming the common thread between the Twelfth Night gift under the tree and the rice candy attached to the calendar.

AnnePants and AbiDale agree the theme is- things from the orient.

The Mama nods and with a prompting grin “…and tomorrow is …”,

“Three Kings Day!” the daughters chime together.

“We Three Kings of Orient are...” quotes Pants.

Dale, struck with quandary, “Oh, I thought they were from Mexico.”



Mildred said...

Happy New Year dear friends! Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and are healthy to begin the new year. We had a unique surprise for Christmas: SNOW! It's been 103 years since we had a white Christmas!

Sending love to each of you!

Daisy said...

HA HA HA! That made me laugh. :D

Happy new year!

Lanny said...

I hear the land bridge opened up just for Christmas!