07 February 2011

One Ton of Fun

Big Daddy only drives big trucks.

When we go to Seattle for our annual Christmas dally and dinner, we have to take our small car, ’95 Chevy Suburban. He doesn’t enjoy it but it is the vehicle what fits in a parking garage.

Last year we found open parking on 7th and Stewart so, (yep, you guessed it!) we all piled into the F-350 this last December!

Mike really, really likes his truck, and in part thanks to Chuck at the Powershop in Enumclaw, who brought it back from one wheel shy of the wrecking yard or a total rebuild with a Cummins block.

Needless then to say, we girls have few opportunities to drive the big blue one ton. Driving it is the next best thing to being with the Big Daddy- we take it when we can! We had it one day last week...

Out to buy groceries we saw our chance to park next to a SmartCar.

Wanna see?


Bwaaa! Ha-ha-aaaaaah!

Get a load of this (or rather we could take a load of this).


~Tonia said...

LOL that pic was much appreciated here!

A. Joy said...

Hahaha! You could have put that car in the bed of your truck for the kids to have something to wheel around in in the back yard! Oh man, Seattle. Just the thought of driving and parking there - EEEEEK! I'm nervous.

Daisy said...

That's hilarious! HA HA HA HA! Thanks for the laugh. :)

KathyB. said...

You have me laughing! Love the picture and the contrast. I think all 3 of you petite little ladies in the family could lift this car, with ease.( wouldn't that have made a great picture?)