10 March 2011

Big Equipment Farmer

Here's the Boss-Man farming the only way he knows how: Big equipment.

2010 04 25_0129When driving by the CAT dealership, forget any conversation you might have been engaged in... someone just lost connection...and it wasn't me. "Uh, huh," I hear, from lips on the port bow of the truck, responding absently. Give it another block or so and he'll return to the land of human relationships, and pick up the dialog with no suggestion of distraction.

Most men hook their truck up to the travel trailer to move it. This is much more efficient, Mike might tell you. Some men may scoff. But then, every farmer knows his crop.

Have a truck that no longer runs, has flat tires? Need it flipped around? Say, try the a loader bucket!

Big Equiptment-2

Need a tree stump removed where there happens to be a hive nearby? Just wear your sister's beekeeper net!


No guts, no glory- or something like that.

2010 10 03_1355

Who said the Big Guy and I couldn't work in the garden together? We both move around soil with two hands and puff exhaust. My hoe turns delicate, detailed areas around beets and rutabagas, while his D3C XL (XL? duh.) cuts through hard pan and clay, falls trees, and shapes swaths of land.

I know women who require their husbands to shower before bed or keep clean fingernails. There's no doubt that makes housekeeping easier! For that matter, I know men who have a tidier dispositions than their wives, flannel wearing or not. As for me, give me a farmer, whatever the crop, covered in dust and smelling of diesel fuel-

White sheets can always be replaced!


Daisy said...

Looks like he knows what to do to get the job done! I hope you have a nice weekend! :)

A. Joy said...

Haha! Cool. I've always said, Tom's cologne is 'Grass & Gasoline' since that's what he always smells like after coming home from work. Now a riding vaccuum sounds nice to me! Think of all the attachments that could have!