04 February 2010

Baited. All on my Own.

I bit, hook, line and sinker on dry land. Me and my big ideas for ‘quality entertainment’.
In ta blesset name of Saint Brrridgette, what was I tinkin’?

Avoca, County Winslow, Ireland

This winter, I thought that it might be fun to watch some BBC early in the morning before the children awoke. You know, period drama, a little romance and often a message of virtue. A nice way to get the day rolling.

Oh, it’s been fun. And foolish.

The idea started with good intentions; Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Shakespeare. Soon it deteriorated to series drama. Ballykissangel to be exact.
You think I’m joking? I want to defect to Ireland, take conformation into the Roman Catholic church, and drink (or pull as a publican)pints of Smithwick’s, Guinness, Harp, at Fitzgerald’s Bar.

Fitzgerald's on the right

And that ain’t the half of it!

Ballykissangel, come to find out, does not truly exist. The town’s real name is Avoca, in Co. Wicklow. It’s a ruddy tourist trap! Brenden and Siobhan are in fact, just friends and Father Peter Clifford has not actually disappeared in the unknown Irish wilderness questioning the priesthood, how to serve God and mourning the death of his beloved Assumpta, local barkeep!

And how did I reach such outrageous conclusions, you ask!?
Series 4.

Very disappointing.

Now it seems like I’m just watchin’ TV.


James (Digtoplant) said...

Hi Mrs Mike. Is it the UK BBC that you get over in the northwest of the USA? It sure is a small world.I also have a Daughter called Abigail who is now 34 years old. You have some brightly coloured birds in your area I especially liked the Goldfinch. Your blog was an good read but i am glad that over here in Cumbria UK we don't get it quite so cold, though this year it has been a lot colder and snowier than usual. Your recipe for chocolate cream pie looked very tempting and i will try to get my wife Judith to make it for me, I am sure she will! I will check back over the year with interest to see how things go with you. james

Oh by the way thanks for calling in on my Blog

Kimberly said...

Lets run away to Ireland together. We can take our families(framilies) there to live "happy ever after". How could you not in such a beautiful place.

Lanny said...

It's a bugger when those bubbles burst eh?! No need to ax, we all know things on the tube eventually fall apart, LHOTHP, LITB...... success has a way of doing that to things in Hollywood no matter the location of the "Hollywood".

Anonymous said...

I have a blog friend in Ireland who posts the most amazing photographs. She lives in a historic house with gorgeous views. Don't leave without me!