07 February 2010

Sunday at Grandma Grace’s House

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, with faithful Scooter by his side, Pop drives a whole fifth of a mile to his childhood home to see his folks and have coffee. It has slowly evolved into, well, all of us…for breakfast. Gramps passed away a couple of summers ago and for Gran, Sunday is an important day of fellowship (besides reminding her what day of the week it is!).

Gran has lived in her house since ’34 when she and Gramps were married. They moved only once: the whole house, across the street. Their youngest son and his wife and all their children live in homes surrounding (that's us).
Life on Route 3 varies little and that is what we all like about it. Change can be good; especially when you’re rearranging furniture, buying new shoes or seeing a cloud-cover free the sun, but at Gran’s the less change the better!

Kai said last week, while mowing down yet another sausage link, “I love Sundays”. He stated clearly his emotion of approval and satisfaction of having it remain the same. Hear hear!

So, yet again we meander ‘over the river’ or anyway, up the street to Gran’s for breakfast, coffee, fellowship, dogs at the hearth, kids in the side room, knitting needles clicking, kick off times confirmed, daily schedules discussed.

Bacon and eggs, anyone?

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Kimberly said...

Your grandma is so cute I can hardly stand it. Look at her with her arms open. I just want to jump right in for a great big "grandma hug". I miss my grandma even more right this very minute. You are so blessed with such a great Godly heritage.