16 February 2010

“Daddy, Look! A Sign of Spring!”...

Said Abigail years ago, pointing out crocus leaves jutting up though the icy earthen bed.

Big Daddy, being the breadwinner and all around outstanding provider, hunter-gatherer, door-knocker- downer, bad-guy-thwarter, omelet-slinger and so forth, does not have the hours with the girls as I do(pretty busy guy, eh?), so he is often surprised by their funny little quips and assessments of their surroundings when in their company.

Originally coined by Anne and myself, Mike had never heard our observations noted as “a sign of spring” and he found himself taken by the darling ‘Abi-dale’ and her remark; innocent, fresh, pure, completely aware of her world.

Now the girls participate in the “signs” at a new level. They are learning to propagate, store, divide, plant, and design, for future winter walks that bring about “signs” and the pleasure of anticipating the hope of the spring to come.

TOP: Crocus from Gran's garden CENTRE: white hyacinth BASE: Indian Plum in bloom

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EBet said...

I love saying, "signs of spring"! your pics are so pretty. I posted some signs of spring too.